Sunday, May 17, 2009

Henge study

This is a small watercolour study with ink pen on handmade washi from Tokigawa, Saitama Prefecture. I was looking again through John Michell's Megalithomania and at some tourism brochures from Avebury with reproductions of antiquarian prints. What appeals to me is the reoccurance of a number of bucolic motifs that represent the landscape in which the ancient sites are found, but which have no relation to the modern science of archeology; shepherds, church steeples, windmills, distant villages.

watercolour and ink on paper 13cms x12cms 2008.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quick watercolour and ink Stonehenge sketches

I completed these at the same time as the ink sketches below, but these were the less succesful ink drawings. I applied some watercolour washes in an effort to improve them, or at least cover up the weaknesses in the drawing ;-). I find the Japanese watercolours to have greater brilliance and extendability than the English ones, though the hues and chroma are still new and a little strange to me. The colours mix well and neutrals are easily achieved. The washes worked out quite well.