Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quick watercolour and ink Stonehenge sketches

I completed these at the same time as the ink sketches below, but these were the less succesful ink drawings. I applied some watercolour washes in an effort to improve them, or at least cover up the weaknesses in the drawing ;-). I find the Japanese watercolours to have greater brilliance and extendability than the English ones, though the hues and chroma are still new and a little strange to me. The colours mix well and neutrals are easily achieved. The washes worked out quite well.


  1. Hello Andrea, nice to see your New Blog ! ;-))

    Thanks for updating me on behalf of the TBS DigiCon6 Awards, I was first thinking thats a fake/ spam project, but if its not the case I will send the video we made in November in Rustavi near Tbilisi, and which still awaits the final cut.

    You should promote your new blog more aggressivly, Twitter would be a very good tool for that, also put the link more visible just EVERYWHERE... There is the biggest Competition for attention going on and you'll need to fight for every single visitor.

    Thank you for being with the art club caucasus ! Best regards, Hans

  2. Hi Hans, Thanks for your encouragement! TBS is Tokyo Broadcasting Corporation so the video competition is definitely not spam!!

    I found the link to it from JASM May 2009