Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stonehenge trilithon in ink and watercolour

I have been working for some time on trying to achieve a solid looking form using flimsy and filmy media. It doesn't always work; my strike rate is about 50%. But it worked here. I adhered a layer of very fine, see-through calligraphy paper onto a much thicker washi shikishi measuring about 12" or 30cms square. Basing the drawing on sketches made several years ago after a trip to Wiltshire, I started with the colour. Applied in quick washes and striving hard not to overwork the surface, which is absorbant and can't be reworked, I waited a few days for it to dry completely before applying the outline drawing in calligraphy ink. I think it transmits the feeling of stone.

watercolour and ink on paper, 2009

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