Friday, November 30, 2012

Chester, Shipgate - then and now

I've been zooming around the Google street view of the world looking for the places to which some of my old postcards were addressed. Is it voyeuristic? Yes, I think so. The results, and here is a lesson learned, have been not always satisfying. What were, I suppose, once bright new houses in bright new suburbs of the late Victorian or Edwardian eras, now look, well 100-years-old and showing it. Added to this are the contemporary ornaments of on-street parking, wheelies bins and TV dishes. The quaint ink-pen copperplate addressed to one Miss B. Manning and a Mr George Howell clash so severely with the 21st century streetscapes. Some things, however, look much the same, better even. Here is one pleasant streetscape looking much as it did 100 years ago

The Armchair Antiquarian Andrea Kobayashi
Chester, Shipgate, Bear and Billet
Above is the old postcard and below is how it looks these days:

Not looking too shabby!!

The card is a photochrome No.23969. It was posted from Chester at 5:15pm on August 18th 1908. It is addressed to Miss B Catterall, c/o Drury's, Chapel St, Southport, and reads "Love from Mum."


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