Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Capstone Hill, Ilfracombe, UK - then and now

Holidays in Ilfracombe were tinged with slightly more adventure than might be found there nowadays. For one thing, if you wanted to get a good vantage point to see the Capstone Hill, you had to wade through bushes onto a rather rough looking coastal path, rather than get out of your car or walk down the footpath.

The Armchair Antiquarian
Ilfracombe in 1908
Other, than that, however the Google view looks pretty similar.

The card is an Empire series No. 228. It was addressed to Mrs Chamberlain of Waterloo Gardens, Salisbury, Wilts and it reads:

"Dear Alice, Just to say I shall behome to-morrow Saturday about 5 o'clock. Artherl (??) "

It was posted at 10pm on July 23rd 1909 with a half penny stamp.

By the way, Francis Frith have a photo of Capstone Hill in 1911 festooned with people.

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