Friday, December 7, 2012

Princess Gardens, Torquay, UK - A bank holiday with bombs

old postcard armchair antiquarian
Torquay in the 1930's
Here we see a rather newer postcard from my antique collection. Not postmarked but probably taken in the 1930's, this card shows a rather more modern photograph from Torquay. What I like most about this image are the cars. Is that a 3 wheeler in the centre? The palms indicate a breezy day, possibly a weekday, no-one is lingering much and there are few people out and about.
The gardens along the Torbay Road promenade look much the same today:

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It is impossible to get the same viewpoint as the card, as the Google street view man does not go along  Rock Walk. The high and mid-rise developments further up the hill make it impossible to gain a clear view of the sea, the best I could get was a glimpse of the pier from a laneway:

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The reverse of the card reads:

Aug. Bk holiday
Hello Everybody,
Just a card to let you know that we are having a good time, we have only been here 2 days and we've experienced thunder, lightening, rain and bombs. Got good lodgings Love Dick  


This clues us in that the year may have been 1942. Dick sounds pretty chipper. Let's hope he got home unscathed.

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