Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Esplanade, Exmouth, UK - then and now

The Armchair Antiquarian Andrea Kobayashi
The Esplanade, Exmouth, UK

Who doesn't like a seaside holiday? In 1918, when this card was posted to Mrs de Saffel of Hamilton House, Bishopsgate, seaside holidays were a rather newish pastime. In this card, there are no bathers, but plenty of boats. There are a few groups on the sand and the saplings lining the wide promenade seem rather new. The reverse reads:

"Dear Madam, We are having a glorious time down here and the weather is still lovely. We are having a quiet day today. I had a lovely bathe this morning. With love, John. "

John wrote this from Bicton St, Exmouth and sent it on the 5th of July 1918. The card is by Boots the chemist and was sent with a one penny stamp.

Here is much the same vantage point today taken from the Google car:


You can easily see the clock tower on the left. If you wiggle the street view around a bit, the buildings in the background of the postcard, on the hill, are still there. 

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